Aaron Frazier: Pitmaster

Aaron Frazier: Pitmaster

We're continuing our series of posts to introduce y'all to the many talented pitmasters that help us spread the gospel of WHOLE HOG BAR-B-QUE. In this edition, we're featuring Pitmaster Aaron Frazier, a four-year veteran of the Martin's team. Next time you're in the Martin's Downtown Nashville location, pop by the pit and say hey!

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Chicago. I’ve been living in Nashville now about 9 years.

What brought you here?

I actually came down here visiting…met a girl… had a kid… decided to stay… had another kid. You know, just kept it rollin’.

How long have you worked at Martin’s?

Four and a half years. I started when Pat only had two stores. I opened up the Mt. Juliet store as well as Belmont, then Downtown.

How long have you been a Pitmaster?

Pat (Martin) would tell you two years. But I started cooking’ hogs on day one. 

Is that something you did before working at Martin’s?

No, actually, I’ve done everything in the kitchen except for this. And coming from up north, barbecue’s a little different. There’s not a lot of smoked meat, we just grill. Pat turned me on to something new—and it was a better understanding of pig, you know? I didn’t know all those parts of the pig, I just ate it.

What’s something that people may not know about working in the pit?

I think most customers don’t understand when we run out of food. Running out of food stresses people out. They come in, they’ve heard about Martin’s, and they’re like, “Man, I really want some.” Then they get here and they want something we’ve run out of—the reason we run out of something is because we make it fresh every single day. And that’s really the only way to do it.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Pitmaster?

It’s the delight on someone’s face when they taste anything we’ve smoked. It’s like a “wow" factor.

What’s your typical day like?

Hah, I get in and I guess my first thing is checking to see who’s on staff for the day. I check on the meat. I check on the product. Just make sure everything’s ready. That’s about it. After that, we just roll it out, man. We just rock out.

If you could tell people anything about being a Pitmaster, what would you say?

Hmm… anything? It’s hot. It is hot. You gotta be able to withstand the heat. It’s a hot job. Attention to detail and just paying attention. It takes time.

What’s your favorite part of the hog to eat?

Bacon and belly. I love the juicy part of the pig. It’s everything for me.

"Pickup" Your 'Que for Memorial Day Weekend!

Summer is just around the corner, and Martin's Bar-B-Que has all your backyard events covered. Whether you're getting together family, friends, or co-workers, come on by and get you a big order of 'que, wings, or ribs to ring in the summer.

Fill out the form here and we'll get in touch!


If you want us to drop off an order, just give us a heads up of at least 2 business days so we can make sure everything is taken care of.

If you don't need a drop-off and you're stopping by one of our locations, just give us 24 hours notice. Unfortunately, our Downtown Nashville location doesn't offer pick-up, but we're happy to see you at any of our other locations. Hours and addresses below.

Happy Summer! Don't forget the sunscreen!



3108 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37212



200 Crossings Ln., Suite 500
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122



7238 Nolensville Rd.
Nolensville, TN 37135




368 Suncrest Towne Center Dr.
Morgantown, WV 26505




3408 Indian Lake Drive
Louisville, KY 40241


Cool Off with Martin's Original Cocktail Recipes

If you're feeling a little thirsty, be sure to check out our new cocktail recipes - straight from our cocktail menu in Downtown Nashville

We wanted to keep things simple, while bringing in some of our long-time favorites like Cheerwine, George Dickel Rye, and Corsair Genever. There's nothing too fancy here, but a good amount of refreshment, and a whole lot of flavor. So, give these recipes a spin - or a stir, if you will - and try them for yourself. Or if you're in the neighborhood, stop in and let us whip one up for you. 

And if grapes are more your thing, we have a great selection of wines on tap in Downtown Nashville, including:

Draft Red:  
Dreaming Tree Crush
- Merlot, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel Blend from CA

Draft White:
- Chardonnay from Sonoma, CA

Draft Rosé:
Hogwash Rosé
- Grenache from CA

Pour on the good with Martin's Sauce Project: No. 1

Pour on the GOOD with Martin's Sauce Project: No. 1

Back in the fall of 2015 we got a few used bourbon barrels from our buddies over at Belle Meade Bourbon and figured we put 'em to good use. We mixed up a few (dozen) batches of our signature Jack's Creek sauce (the same stuff we use on our whole hogs and BBQ sandwiches), filled up the barrels and set them out on the porch at our Belmont location. You may have seen them sitting out on the porch and wondered what was happening. 

About 13 months later we came back to those bourbon barrels, drained every drop of sauce from inside. But before it could be bottled, we needed to strain out bits of charred inside from the whiskey barrel, blend the batches from each barrel and adjust the ingredients to get the flavor profile we were looking for.

When all was said and done, we ended up with just over 2,000 bottles of Martin's Sauce Project: No. 1. This bourbon barrel-aged vinegar sauce has quite a kick to it. And just like the original Jack's Creek sauce, it's great on just about everything, but especially good on pork. 

But it doesn't only taste good, this sauce does good.

That's because we're donating 100% of the profits from the sale of Sauce Project: No. 1 to The Nashville Food Project

Funds from the sale of Sauce Project: No. 1 will support The Nashville Food Project's mission to grow, cook and share nourishing food in our city's most vulnerable communities. Each week, The Nashville Food Project shares over 3,000 high quality meals with those in need of food and connection, and it empowers vulnerable families to grow their own healthy food in its five urban gardens. The Nashville Food Project believes that good food is a human right and that human connection can be a powerful tool for change.

Quantities are very limited, so don't drag your feet to get your hands on a bottle of your own. We'll have them (while supplies last) in each of our Nashville area locations and here in our online store. 


Martin's Sauce Project: No. 1
Add To Cart

Creekside Dubbel Tap Takeover at Downtown Martin's!

With Spring officially here and warmer weather on the horizon, we're eagerly anticipating sunny afternoons that can be spent in the beer garden at our downtown Nashville location--because warm weather pairs so dadgum perfect with great BBQ and great beer!

If you know anything about Martin's, you know we have the "great barbecue" category covered. Fortunately our friends at Nashville-based Black Abbey Brewing Company and Nolensville-based Mill Creek Brewing Company have collaborated to to create a new brew that is seriously awesome: the "Creekside Dubbel." This chocolatey and smooth brew certainly fits the ticket for "great beer." 

After premiering the Creekside Dubbel at Nashville's Belgian beer and food festival Nuit Belge on March 18th, they're now releasing this delicious ale to the public. And Martin's Downtown location is just one of the few public places where you'll be able to get your hands on one of 'em.

Creekside Dubbel reflects both of our breweries commitment to delicious, approachable beer
— Carl Meier / co-founder, Black Abbey Brewery

This Friday, March 24th, our downtown Nashville Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint will be hosting a release party for this stellar beer collaboration. Starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, some of the folks from both Black Abbey and Mill Creek will be hanging out in the beer garden by our Wrestle-Mania Bar, where the Creekside Dubbel will be doing a tap takeover!

Creekside Dubbel is a belgian-style strong ale (6.75% ABV). Chocolaty and smooth with hints of dark fruit and raisins.   

"Working with Mill Creek Brewing has been a very rewarding experience," said Carl Meier, co-founder of Black Abbey. He said, "Our core values are so closely aligned, it was easy to come up with and execute a recipe that met both of our organizational priorities: delicious beer that is unique but approachable.”

We hope we'll see you this Friday for an afternoon of what we hope to be lots of sun, lots of great barbecue, and of course some really incredible, local beer!


"MEAT" the Pitmaster: Jeremy Jordan

We're kicking off a new series of posts to introduce y'all to the many talented pitmasters that help us spread the gospel of WHOLE HOG BAR-B-QUE. We're starting with one of our newest pitmasters Jeremy Jordan. You can find him working away in Downtown Nashville and learn a little more about the process of what he - and all our pitmasters - do each day.

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from a little town outside Knoxville. No kidding, it’s called Coalfield, TN. It’s about 45 minutes from everywhere.

What brought you to Nashville?

I needed to get out of that town. I was going through recovery and the recovery scene is big here in Nashville.

How long have you been working at Martin’s?

I started helping with building out the restaurant last June. I thought I would be coming over to help unpack equipment and stuff but was doing all kinds of stuff helping to get it ready. Pat saw me working one day and I guess noticed that I’m a hard worker and asked me to be on the Pit Team.

How long have you been training as a Pitmaster?

My training started in August. I had never thought about being a pitmaster before. I had just been a line cook at Hooters where it’s high volume and fast-paced. It’s definitely different from being a pitmaster. The best training I got was when me, Pat, Coleman and Kizer went to New York for Pig Beach. We went and built a cinder block pit and cooked whole hogs on site. Getting to sit with Pat for 3 days when all the attention was on the hogs and seeing how he treated the process was the best training you can get.

What’s the biggest surprise to people who don’t know about working the pits at Martin’s?

It’s funny. People don’t know how big the pigs really are and how long it takes. They just don’t believe there’s a whole pig in there! We’ve been getting a decent variety of hogs but they’re averaging about 180 pounds.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Pitmaster at Martin’s?

Martin's Pitmaster Jeremy Jordan shows how whole hogs are smoked at the Downtown Nashville location

I love coming in here the next day after spending 10, 12 or even 13 hours with a hog and getting to pull it and see what your labor is really worth. But, honestly it’s also just getting to stand right here and talk to people from Australia, Canada and all over the world -- places where they can’t get BBQ like this. It’s a really gratifying feeling knowing you cooked the BBQ they love.

What’s a normal day like for a Pitmaster?

Generally I’m here from 10am to 8pm or 10 to 10, typically 12 hours. A lot of times if I know we’re gonna be busy, I’ll be here at 8 or 9 in the morning because tt’s a constant rotation of meat. We’re not just in charge of the whole hogs but we also monitor the ribs, chicken, wings and brisket. We have four whole hog pits upstairs and four smokers downstairs. If I know 100% that I have all my stuff on point and can leave it without looking at it for 30 minutes, I’ll go help run food. There is a certain point in the day after all the loads come out and before you start your afternoon loads for the next morning that you have a little span of “free” time. But that’s when we’re cleaning something, like having to clean out the pits. It takes about an hour and half to get the pit good and clean. We actually pull the pork right here in the pits, so you can imagine how it gets in here. One of us will get a pan and pull it off the bones and take it straight to kitchen.

If you could tell people anything about being a pitmaster here at Martin’s what would you say?

I’d tell them about the amount of labor that goes into a hog that, you know, will only yield so much product. There’s definitely got to be a passion for that. And for Pat to not sacrifice the quality of his stuff and let us take care of the meat and be here for that time. Not just let it be free and be here cooking by itself. That labor intensity. I like it when people ask and I tell them “yeah, there is someone here 24 hours a day - literally.” We have three shifts and someone is always here so we’re overlapping. There’s always somebody watching the pits.

2016 Was a Big One for Bar-B-Que


Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas has come and gone, we're beginning to think about winding down 2016 and officially shouting "Happy New Year!" as we embark on 2017. And while some people seem especially eager to bid 2016 farewell, we here at Martin's are saying goodbye to this past year with lots of fondness and gratitude -- for our growth, our stability, and most importantly our family. From pitmasters, to food-runners, to you our customers and everyone in between, we have a great big family here at Martin's and it's only gotten bigger and greater throughout the course of 2016.

Not only did 2016 mark the 10th anniversary for Martin's Bar-B-Que, but it was also a big development year for us. When we look back at the way things were when we first opened our doors out in Nolensville, we're pretty dadgum humbled to have made it this far, and we're plumb honored that members of our family have stuck around with us for just as long.


One of the biggest and most exciting accomplishments at Martin's Bar-B-Que this year was the opening of our new, flagship location, situated right smack-dab in the middle of Downtown Nashville. With all of the original Martin's Bar-B-Que flare that you know and love (you know: sky-blue metal chairs, WrestleMania paraphernalia stuck to the walls, and of course really good West Tennessee style whole hog barbecue) plus some cool new extras, this double-decker Martin's Bar-B-Que was a labor of love that's now become Nashville's bar-b-que hotspot. With two private dining rooms, three whole-hog smokers and an outdoor beer garden complete with two bars, ping pong and shuffleboard, there was just about nothing better than cutting the ribbon on this downtown Nashville spot. 

Almost just as exciting, bringing a whole new city into the Martin's family this year was a big step. And what city could be better suited to join us than Louisville, KY? The first Kentucky-based Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint opened its doors in Louisville in the middle of November and we couldn't be happier to have yet another reason to visit our family in the great Bluegrass State and hop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (and then wash it down with some BBQ of course).

Copy of MCFW_2016-42.jpg

And who could forget the Big Apple Barbecue where we reconnected with BBQ family from all across the country? Or how 'bout Music City Food + Wine Festival, where the Martin's playground was smokin' all weekend long, thanks to some of our closest culinary friends & family. 

Man, from introducing our new line of Martin's Original Spices to the family, to spending time with Anthony Bourdain for his Emmy Award-Winning show Parts Unknown, 2016 has been nothing short of exciting and it's brought forth memories that we will remember forever. 

None of this would have been possible without your support - from our mammas and daddys to the person we just met last night sitting at our bar, each and every one of you are the reason Martin's is still smokin' hogs for our ever-growing family today.

thank you for your support
and thank you for being a part of it.

We can hardly wait to see what 2017 will bring!


Go Whole Hog this Christmas!

You can bet your pork butt our favorite thing about this time of year is enjoying all of our favorite flavors that come along with the Holiday Season.

From smoked hams to rib roasts to potatoes gratin to classic party foods (we could go on and on), the meals we eat are the centerpiece to any holiday celebration. And while we'd like to say we have the time to spend all day cookin' in the kitchen, the reality is that we don't always have the time!

That's why we love using our Martin's Bar-B-Que seasonings and sauces to help bring a little extra punch of flavor to the table without so much work or fuss.

If it's a quick and flavorful rub for a roast your lookin' for, or perhaps a little extra flare for some roasted veggies, our Martin's seasonings and rubs are just the ticket to to crank up the volume on the flavor and wow your guests with Southern flavor and hospitality. 

Our bar-b-que sauces are just as versatile! Use Devil's Nectar to add a healthy dose of heat to almost anything, Alabama White as a killer dipping sauce for veggies or taters, and pull out our Sweet Dixie to bring some smokey sweetness to grits, Bloody Mary's or even eggs--just trust us. 

So whether you're hosting a house full of family or a party packed with friends, we've got some knockout party-pleasing recipes that will almost certainly become a staple on your holiday menu for years to come.


Warm Up with Brunswick Stew & Brisket Chili

Smoked Brisket Chili and Brunswick Stew are BACK at Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

Every year as the weather cools down, our menu heats up. Returning for the 10th year in a row, from November 1 through April 1, we'll be serving up homemade Brunswick Stew and Smoked Brisket Chili in all of our Joints. Made from scratch every day (just like everything else on the menu), these two seasonal offerings will warm you up from the inside out!

Smoked Brisket Chili

Smoked Brisket Chili

We make our Brisket Chili every morning. We start each batch with all the good stuff you would expect in chili - onions, dark red kidney beans, tomatoes and a whole lot of spice. Then we go and make it really, extra tasty by loading it up with beef brisket - but only after it's been smoked for 18 hours over hickory wood! Topped with shredded cheddar cheese and slices of pickled jalapeño peppers, it's definitely a staff favorite. 

Brunswick Stew

Brunswick Stew

And if you've never had Brunswick Stew, well you're obviously not from the South. A hearty stew made with corn, beans and peas, Brunswick Stew might first look like a thicker version of vegetable soup, but this stuff is definitely not for vegetarians! It's also packed with pulled pork BBQ and has a hit of our Sweet Dixie BBQ Sauce for a little extra flavor. 

We hope you'll make sure to pop in sometime this winter and enjoy a bowl or two of Smoked Brisket Chili and Brunswick Stew - before they go away until next year! 

Pitmaster Pat Hosts Chef Ashley Christensen for Tasty Book Signing Event

Join us at the new Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Downtown Nashville for a very special event with James Beard Award winner Chef Ashley Christensen. 

Tickets include select hors d'oeuvres from the cookbook (see menu below) and two signature cocktails for just $25. (Ticket does not include a copy of the cookbook).

Bring your own copy of the new cookbook for Chef Ashley Christensen to sign or buy one at the event. 



“page to page, her approach remains the same: exquisite ingredients and exact instruction, applied to classics of Southern comfort cooking” 
- The New York Times
“her recipes paint a portrait of a hip, modern South”
-Garden & Gun

Here's  what we'll be serving:

Oysters rocka-billy

ribs w/mustard sorghum sauce

crab CHURROS w/piquillo pepper mayo

pimento cheese finger sandwiches

AC’s deviled eggs 

Beer Can Michelada

Wake County Cooler




AC's Deviled Eggs Reprinted with permission from Poole’s: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner by AshleyChristensen, copyright © 2016. Photography by Johnny Autry. Published by Ten Speed Press, animprint of Random House LLC

AC's Deviled Eggs

Reprinted with permission from Poole’s: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner by AshleyChristensen, copyright © 2016. Photography by Johnny Autry. Published by Ten Speed Press, animprint of Random House LLC

This October Tune in to the 'Que Tube!

Pat Martin being interviewed for Delicious Destinations

Pat Martin being interviewed for Delicious Destinations

YouTube, schmoo tube. This October, we're leaving that Internet-based video platform behind and turning to a real deal television for once. Come on and tune in to the 'Que Tube, y'all!

After 10 years of serving our West Tennessee-style Whole Hog Bar-B-Que, three different television shows called us up and asked to include us in their productions, and now all three shows are airing in the same month! Between football and the 'Que Tube, you can bet we're gonna be glued to the TV this month. 

We're plumb flabbergasted to be included in Andrew Zimmern's Travel Channel show, Delicious Destinations. We're daggum thrilled to be highlighted on a new episode of Food Paradise, also on the Travel Channel. And we're really dang honored that the great Anthony Bourdain came by as a part of his Emmy Award-Winning show, Parts Unknown to eat some 'que and have a few drinks. If y'all know anything 'bout Anthony Bourdain, you know that guy can have a drink or two.

We don't want to give away too much of the good stuff here - you're gonna' have to tune into the TV for that - but check out the schedule of shows below so you make sure you don't miss 'em!

Sunday Oct. 2 @ 8:00 pm CST - Parts Unknown  on CNN

Tuesday Oct. 4 @ 8:00 pm CST -  Delicious Destinations  on Travel Channel

Sunday Oct. 16 @ 7:00 pm cst- Food Paradise  on Travel Channel

Martin's Celebrates 10 Years this October


It was exactly ten years ago on October 16th, 2006 that we opened the doors to the first ever Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint. There have been barrels of laughs, clouds of smoke, and countless memories since those early days in Nolensville, and we're real dang thankful for all of it - and for everyone whose lent a hand along the way. 

Seeing as it's been a decade since we began this adventure, we figured it would be good to share a little of the story of how we started on this crazy ride. 

And if you haven't done so yet - go add your name to list for a chance to win in our Birthday Giveaway!

The old original sign can now be spotted in the beer garden of the new spot in downtown Nashville. 

The old original sign can now be spotted in the beer garden of the new spot in downtown Nashville. 


Pat Martin was running a landscaping business at the time when an employee wrecked the truck carrying all his mowers - totaling the equipment needed for his business. Not knowing what to do, he went to have some lunch at the old El Texano Mexican restaurant on the very day that it permanently shut its doors. It was then that the idea struck like a bold of lightning and almost instantly, Pat planted his flag and offered to take over the spot. Coupled with the insurance money from his totaled landscaping equipment, he and his wife Martha put up their home for collateral to gain a line of credit from the bank and immediately got to work on the build-out for what would eventually become the first Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint.  

We had been married for only a year and a half, I had an eleven month-old and I was three months pregnant with my second. Patrick just called me up one day and said, ‘Baby- we’re gonna open a BBQ restaurant.’ I said ‘Oh great. Well do you think either one of us should have ever WORKED in a restaurant before?’ And he said ‘Oh Martha, I waited tables in college.’
— Martha Ann Martin, Pat Martin's wife

With lots of faith, goodwill, grit and determination, Pat opened the doors to his first barbecue joint and just figured it out. The first day was a complete sell-out - one of many that would come. 

In those early days, the landlord of the original Nolensville BBQ joint wouldn't allow Pat to build and install his own hog-sized smoker on site. The "Old Hickory" smoker that he did have on premise could only accommodate supplementals like ribs and pork shoulders -- not the whole hogs that were a key to the style of BBQ that Pat grew up with. Undeterred and most definitely not defeated, Pat would just rent out a big ol' smoker from a neighbor down the road and made it work. 

Because of the small size of that old place and very limited space restrictions, the menu back then was a lot more sparse than the menu we all know today: there was no fried catfish, not a salad in sight, and the Redneck Taco hadn't even come into existence. In fact, our Redneck Taco was actually created by Bo, one of many long-time employees, who got tired of eating the same BBQ sandwich every day. He wanted something different - so why not throw some smoked n' pulled pork on a hoe-cake with some slaw and sauce? It was delicious...and ten years later it's one of our top-selling menu items. 

They basically sold pulled pork sandwiches back then. They would sell out of everything by like 5:00 in the afternoon and the staff would just shut the doors and go home.
— Chris Kizer, Director of Operations, Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

The word about Martin's Bar-B-Que was starting to spread far and wide and that meant Pat and his staff were working pretty much around the clock to keep up with demand. It was a family affair and even Pat's friends were lending a hand to help keep up with the demand that was quickly growing.

In the early days his father would wash dishes, I would run food and his mom would go around our in the parking lot telling people we were out of food. This went on for a while. Even my brother would come in on his lunch break from work and Patrick would get him to run the cash register. If friends came by to eat, they ended up running food.
— Martha Ann Martin

Fortunately, after about 3 years, we found a new, more spacious home right across the street from the original spot and made the move in March of 2010. With a larger kitchen, an in-house hog pit and plenty of seating for guests, the smoke began to clear and Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint really started to put some roots down. 

Martin's opened their second location in Mt. Juliet in late 2013, the Belmont location followed shortly after in March of 2014, and our biggest and baddest Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint yet opened in downtown Nashville in August of 2016.

We're still dumbfounded by the support that all of you have shown us throughout the past ten years, and we're endlessly grateful for it. Make no mistake -  y'all are the reason we're here today and we couldn't have done it without you. The road that got us to where we are today was nothin' close to easy, but we wouldn't have wanted it any other way - and we're just so daggum glad to be where we are now.

As a small token of our appreciation, this October we're giving you the gifts to celebrate our 10th birthday. We'll be giving out ten $100 gift cards to show our gratitude for a decade of good barbecue and even better memories.

Click for details on our 10th Birthday Giveaway

Pat Martin chatting up guests on the porch of the original Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Nolensville, TN

Pat Martin chatting up guests on the porch of the original Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Nolensville, TN

Bringing the heat at mcf+w 2016

For the third year in a row, "Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint & Friends," led by our head honcho Pat Martin will be bringing the heat to Music City Food + Wine Festival this year, held on September 17 and 18 at Nashville's Bicentennial Capital Mall State Park

Alongside both celebrity chefs and local Nashville buddies, Martin and his crew are planning to wow festival-goers yet again with an almost unbelievable array of meat, fish, vegetables and more cooked over live fire. From the whole hogs for which he is famous, to whole goats, chicken-on-a-string, fire-charred vegetables, grilled oysters, and seafood galore there will be food -- and entertainment -- aplenty for almost every appetite.

Last year was so much fun we had to do it again! It was great watching folks experience the
different cooking methods we use over live fire and seeing how much they enjoy the show of it
all and most importantly, the great food
— Pat Martn

Almost equally overwhelming in Martin's wood-fire wonderland is the array of locally and nationally recognized chefs; the talent in this group is unparalleled. And while some are newcomers to the smokey playground at MCF+W, none are virgin to the excitement and glory that comes from cooking over live fire. 


  • Sal Avila (Prima)
  • Sean Brock (McCrady's, Husk Charleston, Husk Nashville & Minero)
  • Tyler Brown (SouthCreek)
  • Trey Cioccia (The Farm House)
  • Bill Darsinos (Southside Grill)
  • Billy Durkey (Hometown Bar-B-Que)
  • John Lasater (Hattie B's Hot Chicken)
  • Joseph Lenn (J.C. Holdway Restaurant)
  • Jason McConnell (McConnell Hospitality Group)
  • Trevor Moran
  • Nick Pihakis (Jim 'N Nick's BBQ)
  • Michael Symon (Lola, Lolita, Roast, Bar Symon, B Spot Burgers and Mabel's BBQ)
  • Tandy Wilson (City House)
  • Andrew Zimmern (Chef & TV Personality)

The Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint & Friends playground will be hosting their unforgettable feasts during The Grand Taste both on Saturday the 17th and on Sunday the 18th. Tickets for either day cost $150, or $500 for the entire weekend, which also includes the Harvest Dinner on Sunday night.

SEPTEMBER 18TH & 19TH, 2016



It's Tailgate Time in Tennessee!

Here in the South Football Season is no small potatoes: we take it pretty dang seriously. Between the SEC and the NFL, high school football and fantasy leagues, there's so much of game to consume, we can barely find the space to fit it all on our DVR's at home. 

The good news is, with plenty of TV's in every Martin's location--plus dozens of 'em in our upstairs bar and beer garden area at our new Downtown joint--you can watch all the live games you want and free up space for whatever television your girlfriend, wife, kids or roommates want to record. All fans are welcome to tailgate or pre-game at Martin's and with all the TV's we've got, everyone should be able to root their team to victory. 

However if it is Tennessee Titans football to which you pledge your allegiance, we've got a special treat for y'all: 

Starting this  Sunday, September 11th and continuing for every Titan's home game through the rest of the season, Martin's Downtown Bar-B-Que Joint will open one hour early to kick off game day with a bang.

Yep, you read that right: starting at 10:00 AM on Sundays when the Tennessee Titans are playing at Nissan Stadium, we at the new downtown Martin's Joint will be there early pullin' hogs off the smoker, whippin' up our famous sides, and making sure we're got plenty of cold, cold beer on tap. 

If you're sticking around for all four quarters, or just stopping by for a beer and some baby backs before heading to the game, we'll be glad to have ya and hopefully high-five over a Titans win once it's all said and done.

Heck, we'd even be glad to cook up some food for ya and send it off with you to your tailgate -- so long as you don't mind sippin' on a cold one while you wait for us to fix it.

And if you just plumb don't want to brave the downtown traffic and mayhem? We don't blame ya. Come hang out at one of our other Martin's Bar-B-Que Joints to cheer on the Titans to a win - you won't be the only one.

Now remember - these early game-day hours are only applicable at our *new* downtown location, and are only applicable during home games. So don't get it mixed up! That could be real awkward.

Click Here to check out the Titan's Schedule and figure out when they play at home. 

We'll see y'all on Sunday!

We're Open Downtown!

After many months of construction, the new Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Downtown Nashville officially opened its doors to the hungry BBQ-craving public on Thursday, August 4.

The 13,000-square-foot space at 410 Fourth Ave. S. includes a traditional Martin's experience downstairs, a lush outdoor beer garden out back, a large screened-in porch, games, four hog pits, a private events space, multiple bars and so much more. 

As we prepare to celebrate 10 years this October, this new location is most definitely the crown jewel - and one that has to be seen to be believed! 

Click here for hours, directions and more info for the new Downtown Nashville location.

Bar-B-Que in the Big Apple

Sure, we're southerners born and bred but we're no strangers to the Big Apple - and we're pretty dang familiar with the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. A weekend-long event featuring pit masters from across the country and barbecue so good it makes your knees weak, we were stoked for another good weekend in New York City June 11 and 12. 

Now, you'd be plum crazy to think we went all the way to New York City for a bar-b-que festival flying American Airlines (how d'ya think we'd get a dozen hogs and a giant smoker up there?) so we made the 13-hour drive and arrived in Manhattan early Friday morning. From that point forward, we set up camp in the Flatiron district, surrounded by good friends from years past and rookies alike, eating, smoking meats, and drinking...all the things.


This was our 8th year in a row smokin' whole hogs at what is undoubtedly the hottest and smokiest food festival in Manhattan, where we saw over 100,000 faces and served more than 4,000 of 'em. Our featured plate - smoked and pulled whole hog, topped with Martin's famous slaw and Jack's Creek Bar-B-Que Sauce, served on a slice of white bread - was a huge hit with both the festival attendees and with the anchors on The Today Show. (We stopped over there on Friday morning before turning up the heat for the big event.)

With our amazing volunteers from Teen Challenge and our traveling Martin's pit crew, we worked round the clock, day and night, smokin' our 12 whole hogs to show the folks of Manhattan what Tennessee Whole Hog Bar-B-Que is all about. And we sure had a blast doing it! Best of all, we were glad all of our fun and hard work benefitted the Madison Square Park Conservancy, which works to protect, nurture, and enhance MSP. 

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It's All In The Details

As we prepare to open our new Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Downtown Nashville, we figured it was about time to start sharing some of the details that went into the location.

This new spot is housed in what we locals know most recently as "The Rutledge," a former live music venue. But the building has a lot more history to it than that. Originally built back in the 1800's it has seen many tenants come and go with several renovations over the years. But it hadn't seen nothin' yet! 

We began the construction process back in 2015, working to salvage and rebuild the original structure which had fallen into disrepair. Our crew sured up the building and began expanding - adding additional space on the ground level to house the kitchen and building out a side porch. But the real work was in building a huge second-level space; complete with a massive outdoor beer garden, extra hog pits and private dining rooms. After all is said and done, the Downtown Nashville Martin's will have three distinct areas; a traditional Martin's experience with a full bar downstairs, private dining rooms on the second floor and a large indoor/outdoor backyard beer garden with two bars. But it ain't Martin's with the 'que of course, so we built in five whole hog pits, a 10-foot live fire grill and four jumbo smokers for our ribs, chicken, turkey and brisket.

When you get a chance to come visit, you'll surely see all the work that went into the new location, but you may not know the stories behind all of those efforts. Every decision and detail was thought through - from the floors to the ceilings and everything in between. 

Here's just a few of the many stories...

a smokin' foundation

Many of the cinder blocks used were "pre-smoked" before building. We took about 750 blocks to last year's Music City Food + Wine Festival to build the on-site hog pits. Once the festival was over, we broke down the pits and took the blocks to the worksite, where they made their way into the foundation and walls of the expansion.

history underfoot

The upstairs private dining rooms and indoor game area has a pretty impressive hardwood floor. But it's more than just looks. The boards used were salvaged from an 85-year-old cottonseed factory in Chattanooga, TN and brought up here to Nashville earlier this year. But before they could be installed downtown they needed a little - no, a lot - of work. We spent two weeks removing nails from each individual board and planing them down to remove the 'gunk' from that old factory. Now that they're installed, they're getting sealed and ready for the many parties to come.

let it grow

The backyard beer garden is packed with mature trees and plants of all sorts. There's a 30-year-old paperbark maple tree, wisteria vines and even some tomato plants.

While they sure look good, they also serve another purpose. All the rainwater that drains off the roof is redirected into the planters to water the plants and keep it out of the storm drains.

These are just three of the many stories behind the new Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Downtown Nashville. As you can surely see, we still have a good bit of work to do before we open up to the public but we look forward to welcoming you. Maybe you can come make a few new stories of your own. 


Join Us at the 12th South Farmers' Market

Y'all know by now that we like being part of the community. So when the 12th South Farmers' Market started happening just a few blocks away from our Belmont location, it was a no-brainer that we had to participate. 

We're helping them out by sponsoring the live music each week (it is Nashville, after all) and will be setting up our own tent once a month to sell fresh BBQ by the pound and in sandwiches. 

While the 12th South Farmer's Market happens every Tuesday from 3:30-6:30pm, we'll be there one day each month on the following dates: 6/14, 7/27, 8/16, 9/13, 10/11.

We'll see you at the 12th South Farmers' Market!

Get outside with our Favorite Summer Recipes

Man, nothing's better than hanging out with family and friends in the summer. Well, maybe one thing, hanging out with family and friends AND some darn good grub! 

We've pulled together all of our favorite summertime recipes perfect for your next cook-out, picnic or whatnot for you to browse through and try next time you're making plans. Even better, pair these with some of our BBQ - you can order ahead for pickup or delivery - and you'll have everything you need to make it just right. 

Martin's Opening Soon in Downtown Nashville

It doesn't seem like that long ago that we opened the doors to our first bar-b-que joint out in Nolensville, Tennessee, so it's pretty daggum crazy to believe that we're preparing to open our fourth Martin's location in downtown Nashville this June!

Yup, you read that right: Martin's fourth (and baddest) location is set to open in early July of this summer, 2016. Complete with four hog pits, two private dining rooms, a lush backyard, ample patio seating, games a'plenty, a view that sho ain't shabby and bar-b-que so good it'll make you cry, this double-decker Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint will be a must-see spot, whether you live in Nashville or not.

In a space that claims more than double the space of our popular Belmont location, out-of-towners and Nashvillians alike will have space aplenty for any sort of get-together: from weddings, to birthdays, to a night out with old friends, Martin's will quickly be a favored downtown destination.

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Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Downtown Nashville: