SnS - Big Hoss & Jack's Creek

SnS - Big Hoss & Jack's Creek


SnS - Spice & Sauce

Our Big Hoss Rub and Jack's Creek Bar-B-Que sauce are absolute essentials here at the Joint.

We use the Big Hoss Rub on our whole hogs, pork shoulders, chicken wings and turkey -- and pretty much everything. It's got that just-right mix of spicy, salty, and sweet that makes it perfect for smoked meats. 

Jack's Creek is our traditional West TN, sweet-n-spicy, vinegar based bar-b-que sauce. We mop it on while cooking the hogs and add a splash on our finished bbq sandwiches. It's a staff favorite; it's great for pulled chicken and marinating meats before you toss them on the grill.

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