SnS - Devil's Dust & Devil's Nectar

SnS - Devil's Dust & Devil's Nectar


SnS - Spice & Sauce

Some people just like it hot. And if you're one of 'em, then this duo is just the thing for you!

Anyone whose come to Martin's knows that Pat's Devil's Nectar Bar-B-Que sauce is nothin to mess around with: it's some seriously hot sauce. Now, it's delicious on a pulled pork sandwich or say, drizzled on top of some southern beans, but you've gotta be careful when using this stuff. It's HOT! 

That said, we bet you could guess about how hot this Devil's Dust is gonna be. A blend of four different kinds of chilis, all-natural spices, coarse salt and a lil’ brown sugar, you might want to sample a little before you use a whole lot. 

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