SnS - Season'd Salt & Alabama White

SnS - Season'd Salt & Alabama White


SnS - Spice & Sauce

Every kitchen needs a good go-to seasoning. But our Season'd Salt isn’t just for the kitchen; it’s for the table too. With a little spice and a lot of flavor, it really is an all-purpose seasoning that’s good on just about everything. Try using it for roasted meats like prime rib and pork loin, grilled vegetables and for soups and stews.

You may not think it, but our Alabama White Bar-B-Que sauce is pretty dadgum good on just about anything, too. Here in the Joint, we dunk our whole smoked chickens in a big ol' bucket of this stuff. We also put this sauce on our smoked turkey and chicken wings. But man, take this stuff and make a slaw with it, put it on a cheeseburger or just figure out your own secret use. We won't tell anybody!

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