SnS - Yella' Stuff & Palmetto Gold

SnS - Yella' Stuff & Palmetto Gold


SnS - Spice & Sauce

“Hand me that yella stuff!” That’s what you’ll hear Pat Martin say when looking for something to season up some fresh-caught fish or 'bout-to-be-roasted chicken. Made of coarse salt and a blend of all-natural spices like turmeric, mustard seed and lemon peel, it’s adds bold, delicious flavors. 

Palmetto Gold Bar-B-Que sauce is a tangy and sweet mustard-based sauce that's also delicious with poultry, fish and even beef. But let us tell you- if you really want to try something good, use it as a glaze for a ham! 

These two are great to have on-hand in the kitchen to make whatever you're cooking nice and flavorful without spending too much time on it. 

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