Martin's Catering FAQ's

+ What do the paper good sets include?

Our paper good sets are $1.00 a set and include black plastic cutlery, a heavy-duty Styrofoam plate, clear plastic cup, and a white dinner napkin.

+ What is included in the service fee?

Full service catering includes Martin’s staff members being on site for the duration of your event serving, restocking, and cleaning up a buffet line. This starts at a 4-hour minimum and hours can be added from there If you’re needing food service longer.

+ How much are delivery fees?

Delivery fees range from $20-$50 depending on the location of delivery and how far it is from one of our stores.

+ Are buns included with my order?

Buns are sold separately by the dozen. They are $4.29 a dozen.

+ Do you provide bartenders?

We have a limited number of bartenders available. Our bartenders can only pour beer and wine and all alcohol must be provided by the client. All our staff comes together and leaves together on caterings so if you are needing the bar service longer than the food service you must pay for all staff to stay.

+ What does your full service set up look like?

We bring large wooden boxes to go around the chafing sets and can include tables and linens for the buffet line if you need them. We have a limited number of these available so let us know if you will be wanting to use them.

+ What will the food be delivered in?

Your food will be delivered in disposable aluminum serving trays.

+ Do you provide warming sets for delivery?

We can provide wire chafing sets on delivery. They are $7.50 a set.

+ Is there a minimum on deliveries?

We have a $150 minimum on deliveries before tax and the delivery fee. You are always welcome to pick up form the store without any added fees or minimum.

+Can I place a same day order?

Absolutly! If you're ordering less than 5 lbs of meat to go and need it on the same day, call your nearest Martin’s directly!

+ What if I plan on picking my food up 30+ minutes before I serve it?

We recommend purchasing wire rack/sterno sets ($7.50/set). Make sure to ask us for tips on keeping things warm.