It's Tailgate Time in Tennessee!

Here in the South Football Season is no small potatoes: we take it pretty dang seriously. Between the SEC and the NFL, high school football and fantasy leagues, there's so much of game to consume, we can barely find the space to fit it all on our DVR's at home. 

The good news is, with plenty of TV's in every Martin's location--plus dozens of 'em in our upstairs bar and beer garden area at our new Downtown joint--you can watch all the live games you want and free up space for whatever television your girlfriend, wife, kids or roommates want to record. All fans are welcome to tailgate or pre-game at Martin's and with all the TV's we've got, everyone should be able to root their team to victory. 

However if it is Tennessee Titans football to which you pledge your allegiance, we've got a special treat for y'all: 

Starting this  Sunday, September 11th and continuing for every Titan's home game through the rest of the season, Martin's Downtown Bar-B-Que Joint will open one hour early to kick off game day with a bang.

Yep, you read that right: starting at 10:00 AM on Sundays when the Tennessee Titans are playing at Nissan Stadium, we at the new downtown Martin's Joint will be there early pullin' hogs off the smoker, whippin' up our famous sides, and making sure we're got plenty of cold, cold beer on tap. 

If you're sticking around for all four quarters, or just stopping by for a beer and some baby backs before heading to the game, we'll be glad to have ya and hopefully high-five over a Titans win once it's all said and done.

Heck, we'd even be glad to cook up some food for ya and send it off with you to your tailgate -- so long as you don't mind sippin' on a cold one while you wait for us to fix it.

And if you just plumb don't want to brave the downtown traffic and mayhem? We don't blame ya. Come hang out at one of our other Martin's Bar-B-Que Joints to cheer on the Titans to a win - you won't be the only one.

Now remember - these early game-day hours are only applicable at our *new* downtown location, and are only applicable during home games. So don't get it mixed up! That could be real awkward.

Click Here to check out the Titan's Schedule and figure out when they play at home. 

We'll see y'all on Sunday!