Dig In To Our New Menu Items!


We know how it is. Anytime you get a group of folks together and try to figure out where to go grab a bite, there’s always that one person that’s gonna try and give the ‘veto vote’ sayin’ they don’t like BBQ. Y'all should know by now that our menu’s got a whole lot more than just our signature Whole Hog BBQ. From our Hippie Salad to our Loaded Baked Potato, there’s always been a good assortment of items on our menu to please just about anyone. But now there’s even more! We’ve added some new items to our menu and thought you might want to know a little more about each so you can be prepared next time you’re planning on coming by.

Check them all out below:

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint | Southern Fried Pie

Southern Fried Pie

We make these from scratch using Pat’s mama’s recipe. And don’t be fooled by that flaky crust on the outside ‘cause the inside is good and sweet. We’re currently making blackberry fried pies, but check at the register next time you stop in to see what flavors we’ve made that day.

Martin's BBQ | Farmhand Fries

Farmhand Fries

Next time you’re in make sure you start with an order of our Farmhand Fries. We take a pile of our hand-cut fries and top them with chunks of smoked beef brisket, shredded jack and cheddar cheese, onions, pickled jalapeños and a healthy slatherin’ of our Palmetto Gold sauce. These are the kind of fries you might just want to eat with a fork!

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint | Mrs. King's Deviled Eggs

Mrs. King’s Deviled Eggs

What’s more Southern than classic deviled eggs? Pat’s grandmother MiMi King made some of the best Deviled Eggs you’ve ever tasted. They were so good that folks would secretly hope she’d bring a platter to every church supper and family gathering. We took her recipe and kicked it up a bit with a sprinkle of our Big Hoss Rub on top. 

Martin's BBQ | Catfish Fingers

Catfish Fingers

And you thought fish had fins! Our catfish ‘fingers’ appetizer is made fresh from strips of Mississippi farm-raised catfish, dusted with cornmeal breading. We flash-fry them and serve ‘em up with our Comeback sauce for dipping.

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint | BBQ Nachos

BBQ Nachos

To share or not share… We start with a bunch of corn tortilla chips and pile them up with pulled pork, homemade cheese sauce, slaw, fresh cilantro, sour cream, pickled jalapeños and a couple wedges of fresh lime for you to squeeze on top. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, we give them a drizzle of Jack’s Creek sauce. They’re good and messy just like nachos should be.

Martin's BBQ | Brisket Wedge Salad

Brisket Wedge

It’s back! We used to serve our Brisket Wedge salad a while back but took it off the menu for one reason or another. But we heard y’all loud and clear - you wanted it back! It’s no wonder when you see this bowl with a nice crispy wedge of iceberg lettuce, chopped bacon, crumbled bleu cheese and red onions sittin’ pretty with a few slices of our smoked brisket and a cornbread hoecake.

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint | Southern "Paddy" Melt

Southern “Paddy” Melt

This is our version of a classic Patty Melt with a Southern twist. We griddle-cook our fresh-ground beef patty with onions, brush it with Sweet Dixie sauce, top it with pimento cheese and our Comeback sauce and slap it between two slices of griddled white bread.

Martin's BBQ | Pimento Cheese Club

Pimento Cheese Club

Before you go saying this “don’t look like a club sandwich” you should take a big bite. And then remember it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. We slice our smoked turkey breast and load it up on a toasted bun with lettuce, sliced tomato, crispy bacon and red onion. Then, as if that’s not enough, top it with our homemade ranch and scoop of pimento cheese. Seriously folks, this is one club we’d be happy to join.

Martin's BBQ | Hamburger Steak

Hamburger Steak

We take 10 ounces of the fresh-ground beef that we grind for our burgers and griddle-cook it on the flat top before brushing it with a little Sweet Dixie sauce, setting it on top of a couple slices of white bread and topping it with grilled onions.

We hope to see you soon. Just remember, we make everything from scratch every single day. So it’s not uncommon that we might run out of something from time to time.