Pitmaster Pat Martin Is Building The Ultimate Barbecue Playground In Nashville

Food Republic featured Martin's founder Pat Martin in a great story highlighting the effort that goes into doing things the right way. Low and slow.

Digging back into the history and sharing exciting details about the future, the article is something to check out!!

Middle Tennessee pitmaster Pat Martin has developed quite a following over the years, thanks to his whole-hog prowess at the small but growing chain of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joints. Focusing on the West Tennessee-style hog cookery that he learned from a Henderson, Tennessee, barbecue master named Harold Thomas, Martin aims to continue the traditions by teaching a new generation of pitmasters through an organized apprentice program. And he’s currently building the ultimate barbecue playground for them to practice in behind his next Martin’s location in downtown Nashville.
— Chris Chamberlain, Food Republic

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