Grill it Slow & Low - Men's Journal Feature


If you're familiar with the art of bar-b-que, you've definitely heard the term "slow and low." 

And for good reason. In this feature in Men's Journal's "Expert Advice" column, Pitmaster Pat shares the tips and recipe for Smoky Slow-Grilled Chicken with Alabama White Sauce. 

So what are those tips? 

Go Gray
Slow grilling requires steady, even heat. Start with a charcoal chimney fire on a grill, and spread the coal into a bed and dot with more charcoal. "When it's burned down to gray ash with no flame, you're ready," Martin says.

The Right Wood
Martin likes pecan, hickory, and apple. Place wood chunks (or soaked wood chips) around the perimeter of your coal bed; let them smolder. If you're using gas, place soaked chips in a shallow aluminum pan, cover with foil with holes poked in it, and place over medium-high heat.

Let the Meat Inhale
The more time with the smoke, the better the taste. Martin also grills meat right from the fridge, rather than letting it reach room temperature – cold meat absorbs smoke better, he says.

Rethink Your Sauce
Forget tomato and vinegar and try this: North Alabama white barbecue sauce, a spiced mix of mayonnaise and vinegar that provides a perfect combination of tartness and richness and breaks down into a delicious glaze when applied to hot food.

Read the full story and get the recipe here.