Martin's Gets 3 Awards in The Scene's Best of Nashville Poll

Middle Tennessee, we just don't know how to thank you enough. This year in The Nashville Scene's annual Best of Nashville contest, Martin's Bar-B-Que joint somehow managed to come out with not one, not two, but three medals!

We are continually blown away by the love and support that y'all give us by just showin' up at our Bar-B-Que Joints every day and standing in line to get some of our whole hog barbecue, but it really makes us feel special when you go to the trouble of gettin' on your computer and voting for us in a "best of" contest!

So with that said, we are proud to announce that Martin's Bar-B-Que won the category for "Best Ribs," came in second place in the category of "Best BBQ," and snagged a third award for the Writers' Choice for "Best BBQ Development" for our newest Martin's location in downtown Nashville. 

When Pat Martin says he’s going whole hog, he doesn’t go half-ass. In fact, he’s got room to cook four entire pigs on the new pits at his behemoth of a barbecue emporium that has opened to great acclaim downtown...
— Chris Chaimberlain

Dadgum! It feels amazing to know that y'all love and appreciate what we do, so thank you again for all of your support. We wouldn't be here today without y'all!

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