Pat Gets Personal with The Daily Meal

It's not very often that we get to see the real, true side of Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint head pitmaster and founder Pat Martin. Typically he's busy a busy man that spends his time smokin' whole hogs, being a television star, or spending time with his family.

But when he does have a spare minute, and when one does have the chance to have a conversation with Pat Martin, the pitmaster never disappoints. Between his sense of humor and his extensive knowledge about food, you're almost guaranteed to walk away from said interaction with a smirk -- or heck, maybe even a full-blown smile -- on your face. 

We could hear The Daily Meal smiling at Pat's responses to their "10 Questions with Renowned Pitmaster Pat Martin" and we were left with hog-eatin' grins on our faces too.

Daily Meal: In honor of your hometown Nashville’s Meat & 3 genre of restaurants... is Mac & Cheese a vegetable?

Pat: It sure is.
— The Daily Meal

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