Downtown Nashville Martin's to open August 4th!

Y'all know what they say: good things come to those who wait. And man, y'all have been waiting for a while.

Listen, we feel kind of like we've just been yankin' y'all's chains for the past few months, saying we were gonna open on this day and then changing it to some day a whole month later...and so on and so forth. But this time, we really mean it

After lots of unforeseen delays with construction and permits, we finally completed our final inspection Friday afternoon.

So, we're proud to say that after a long, long wait, we've got something good coming. Heck, we've got something GREAT!

The new Downtown Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint will officially open 

Thursday, August 4th!

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Can't wait until Thursday to feast your eyes (and, let's be real: your belly) on our double-decker Downtown Martin's Joint? Don't sweat it:  Our good friend Chris Chamberlain of The Nashville Scene came over to take a peek and wrote all about it, detailing all of the new bells and whistles.

The kitchen is designed to handle the huge expected crowds and has been divided into parallel cooking and serving lines to handle upstairs and downstairs ordering. An innovative system will geolocate customers through the number they receive when ordering and track them to wherever they settle in the restaurant.
— Chris Chamberlain


We're plum thrilled that Chris seemed to like it so much, and we sure hope you're gonna love it when you come down and visit us next Thursday!

Thank y'all for being so patient with us and for continuing to support Martin's.