New York Magazine Asks, "What are the Best BBQ and Grill Tools?"

New York Magazine recently asked some Pitmasters from all over the country what their favorite tools of the trade are. That was an easy answer for Pat Martin: his trusty insulated gloves and a Yeti beer cooler. We work pretty hard at cooking hogs perfectly, but you've gotta kick back every once in a while with a cold beer, right? See Pat's full answer below.


’With the work we do with whole hogs, there really is no better tool than your hands — but things get hot, so a pair of good heat-resistant gloves are a must. Anyone who’s ever tried to pick up a brisket with a pair of tongs knows what I’m talking about. I order industrial-strength gloves, since we’re in the pit every day, but these gloves from Artisan Griller are a good option for the home-barbecue enthusiast.’

’When you’re smoking whole hogs, you can’t go for a beer run, so you need a good cooler that’s going to keep your beer cold for the night. These Yeti coolers hold our product better than anything on the market. Nothing beats a Yeti. I guarantee when you reach for a beer, it’s gonna be good and cold — just like it should be.’
— Pat Martin
mediaJesse Goldstein