To go "Whole Hog" means to hold nothing back.

Look, I take a lot of pride in my roots - which is my food and where I learned to cook it. It was taught to me to never cut any corners on anything and that’s a big part of who we are here at Martin's. Just like the old BBQ joints like the ones I learned to cook, we cook everything on our menu fresh for that very day with the goal of running out everyday. That’s right, I want to run out of food everyday because it means you'll never come into Martin's and not get something that was made fresh for you. We don’t have a freezer. We don’t have a microwave. And most importantly, we don’t pre-cook anything and heat it back up. Fresh….every single day….no apologies.

- Pat

Martin’s Bar-B-Que in Nashville makes a pork sandwich pulled from a freshly cooked hog that is so copiously juicy that you could and probably will eat it through the wax paper that tries and fails to contain it.
— Esquire
No matter how you order it—on a slider, straight-up purist style, or on a cornbread pancake topped with sweet BBQ sauce and coleslaw (called a “redneck taco” on the menu)—it’s barbecue so addictive that states should regulate it.
— Bon Apétit
There’s no dearth of barbecue joints in town, but Martin’s has taken the prize for the one most beloved by locals.
— Thrillist
When it comes to whole hog barbecue, award-winning pitmaster Pat Martin is the man to trust.
— Delta Sky Magazine
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