Men's Journal Includes Martin's in "Best Ribs in America" Roundup

Yeah, we're spreadin' the gospel of whole hog 'que every darn day, but it's always nice to be noticed - and mentioned - for some of our other favorites on our menu. That honor is even cooler when it comes from something as big-time as Men's Journal. 

They published a list of their picks for the Best Ribs in America. A scroll through this list of 15 joints from Texas to Brooklyn shows some pretty impressive company and we're flattered to be included. 

The bones let go of the meat with a sigh and not an argument, and his selection of sauces, especially his Devil’s Nectar sauce on a full rack of spares, will tempt you to eat the bones as well.
— Jim Myers for Men's Journal

Eater's Documentary Series "How We Eat" Investigates Martin's Bar-B-Que

Over the past 10 years of smokin' hogs we've found that both long-time loyal Nashvillians and novice out-of-towners alike love coming to Martin's to get a taste of that infamous whole hog bar-b-que.

But what a lot of people don't know about the craft to which we at Martin's have dedicated so much time -- some of us have even dedicated our entire lives to this stuff! -- is the specificity of what makes West Tennessee style whole hog BBQ what it is. There's tradition, reasoning, intention and even science behind everything that we do at Martin's when it comes to our smoked hogs.

There are few things more often underestimated than a crazy-smart country boy. And that’s what Pat Martin is to me.
— Chris Chamberlain, Nashville food writer and author of The Southern Foodie

And while few out there surely do know the difference between say, North Carolina-style and Tennessee-style whole hog bar-b-que, we'd wager to bet that the number is few and far between.

Fortunately for y'all, Eater was curious and gracious enough to do some investigating and figure it out. And what's better, as a part of their new "How We Eat" YouTube channel and video series, they produced this fantastic video that explains the long and short of it. 

Thanks so much to Eater for spreading the gospel of West Tennessee style whole hog bar-b-que and for spending so much time with us!

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Martin's Makes the List for Eater's 2016 Standbys

As one year closes and another one begins, many folks find themselves ready to get rid of the past year and open their eyes wide for the future. And while we agree that making plans, setting goals, and getting excited about what's to come is a real smart thing to do, we also think it's kinda fun to look back on the year and reflect.

Apparently we're not alone! Every December when the year nearing the close, Eater reaches out to some of the city's most influential foodie friends, food bloggers, and restaurant critics to reflect upon where they spent the most time eating this past year.

And four of them mentioned little ol' us, Martin's Bar-B-Que! 

We loved that food blogger Beth Sachan of Eat. Drink. Smile. called Martin's out for being a great place for families to go.

Martin’s BBQ is our favorite family meal spot (for both sit down and takeout)
— Beth Sachan

And we were plum delighted to read that our friend Chris Chaimberlain from the Scene claimed to have eaten at Martin's more than anywhere else in the city this year!

The harmonic convergence of Pat Martin opening his pitmaster’s playground at the new Martin’s downtown combined with the opening of the Predators season has meant that I’ve probably eaten there more often than anywhere else this year.
— Chris Chaimberlain

Want to find out what other places were mentioned by Nashville's tastemakers? 

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High Valley Gives Martin's Two Thumbs Up!

We never get tired of seeing smiles spread across our guests' faces, watching bar-b-que sauce smear across their cheeks and clearing empty trays from the tables after a big ol' Martin's meal has finally concluded. Whether it's our neighbors from down the road or one of those folks from the TV show Nashville, we always enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that someone enjoyed our food.

So when Canadian country duo High Water gave us a shoutout on Sounds Like Nashville's video blog, you can imagine those warm and fuzzy feelings were flowin'! We were thrilled to find out that Martin's lays claim to "favorite bar-b-que restaurant in Nashville" for Brad and Curtis. And we were even more tickled when they amended said statement, saying, "this is literally my favorite barbecue in the whole world." 

Take a look at their video, shot inside Martin's Downtown Nashville location:

Martin's Gets 3 Awards in The Scene's Best of Nashville Poll

Middle Tennessee, we just don't know how to thank you enough. This year in The Nashville Scene's annual Best of Nashville contest, Martin's Bar-B-Que joint somehow managed to come out with not one, not two, but three medals!

We are continually blown away by the love and support that y'all give us by just showin' up at our Bar-B-Que Joints every day and standing in line to get some of our whole hog barbecue, but it really makes us feel special when you go to the trouble of gettin' on your computer and voting for us in a "best of" contest!

So with that said, we are proud to announce that Martin's Bar-B-Que won the category for "Best Ribs," came in second place in the category of "Best BBQ," and snagged a third award for the Writers' Choice for "Best BBQ Development" for our newest Martin's location in downtown Nashville. 

When Pat Martin says he’s going whole hog, he doesn’t go half-ass. In fact, he’s got room to cook four entire pigs on the new pits at his behemoth of a barbecue emporium that has opened to great acclaim downtown...
— Chris Chaimberlain

Dadgum! It feels amazing to know that y'all love and appreciate what we do, so thank you again for all of your support. We wouldn't be here today without y'all!

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Martin's Featured in Nashville Lifestyles

We have to admit, we were pretty dadgum floored that Nashville Lifestyles called us up, saying they wanted to feature us in their October edition, headlined, "25 Most Beautiful People." Pat Martin knew that Nashvillians loved his smoked whole hogs and his made-from-scratch sides, but he had no idea Nashville thought he was so, well...beautiful

You could imagine our shock when Nashville Lifestyles explained.

It would be a lig ol' lie to say we weren't heartbroken when NL told us they didn't want to feature Pat Martin's physical beauty, but instead wanted to spotlight the beauty of his new Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in downtown Nashville. But it would be a massive fib if we didn't say it made a lot more sense!

With a four-page spread detailing the ins and outs of our newest Martin's smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville, Nashville Lifestyles sure made it look and sound just as beautiful as we believe it is!

The outdoor dining area, outfitted with the same kind of green and white picnic tables you’d spot in the movie ‘Caddyshack,’ sits next to the whole hog-smoking zone, which features four pits and a 10-foot-wide grill.
— Nashville Lifestyles

Want to read the whole article and get a glimpse of how beautiful the new Martin's -- and Pat Martin himself -- truly is (are)?

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Pat Gets Personal with The Daily Meal

It's not very often that we get to see the real, true side of Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint head pitmaster and founder Pat Martin. Typically he's busy a busy man that spends his time smokin' whole hogs, being a television star, or spending time with his family.

But when he does have a spare minute, and when one does have the chance to have a conversation with Pat Martin, the pitmaster never disappoints. Between his sense of humor and his extensive knowledge about food, you're almost guaranteed to walk away from said interaction with a smirk -- or heck, maybe even a full-blown smile -- on your face. 

We could hear The Daily Meal smiling at Pat's responses to their "10 Questions with Renowned Pitmaster Pat Martin" and we were left with hog-eatin' grins on our faces too.

Daily Meal: In honor of your hometown Nashville’s Meat & 3 genre of restaurants... is Mac & Cheese a vegetable?

Pat: It sure is.
— The Daily Meal

Want to hear everything Pat had to say and get just a little more personal with your favorite Nashville Pitmaster?

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Martin's Wins "Best Barbecue" in TOAST 2016

We're always excited and thankful to be included in any one of those "Best in Nashville" lists, but nothing can really compare to receiving the love and support of our hometown.

Born and bred in Middle Tennessee, Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint is a place intended for meeting and eating with friends and families, where good times and great food are abundant. We of course love inviting visitors to sit at our tables and enjoy some West Tennessee style whole hog BBQ, but nothin' feels better than serving locals and regulars - the folks who continue to come back time and time again. 

That's exactly why we were so proud to have won the "Best Barbecue" in the "Food and Drink" category for The Tennessean's "Toast of Music City" contest. 

Yes, there was barbecue in Nashville before Pat Martin, but nobody stepped in and planted a flag saying it’s time to pay attention to how we do things as much as him.
— Jim Myers, The Tennesseean

So thanks a lot, Middle Tennessee, for voting for us and most of all for continuing to come back! Y'all are the reason we're here today and we're so humbled by your support.

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