Forbes Travel Named Martin's One Reason Why Nashville is HOT!

Any Nashvillian will tell you that, particularly come July and August, Nashville has the whole "hot" thing on lockdown. With temperatures consistently hovering around 100 degrees, and humidity that likens the entire city to a swimming pool, "hot" is something we know all too well. 

But Forbes Travel Guide thinks of "hot" differently than we Nashvillians do, and they think we at Martin's are part of the reason Nashville is often associated with this adjective--and it ain't because of our fiery-hot smokin' pits, or our tendency to keep the windows open when it's warm out. 

We are flattered to be mentioned in the company of The Loveless Café, Arnold's Country Kitchen, and every other tastemaker that's continuing to stoke the fire here in Nashville.

Fortunately, we like it hot!

Staples like a diner-style breakfast at the iconic Loveless Café, brisket and ribs at Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint and classic “meat and three” Arnold’s Country Kitchen can’t be missed on any Nashville visit
— Forbes Travel Guide