6 Made-In-Tennessee Bucket List Barbecue Spots

If you take time to think about it, the term "barbecue" is a pretty loose one. To some the word elicits images of sticky and saucy ribs; to others the term is exclusive to smoked n' pulled pork bathed in a vinegar-y sauce; and to others still, "barbecue" simply refers to a backyard party that revolves around the grill. 

Regardless of where your brain wanders when someone mentions a little BBQ however, it's nice to know that the state of Tennessee has us covered on all types. From tangy and tender rib tips, to crispy and juicy smoked chicken wings, all the way to to smoked whole hogs (that's us!) Tennessee is riddled with stellar barbecue joints, and the Tennessee Department of Tourism did a round up of some of the best spots across the state.

We're thrilled and honored to be included...and anxious to take a Tennessee BBQ road trip in the future!

Each day begins at 5 a.m. when the low ‘n slow, live-fire, whole-hog barbecue and sides are prepared from scratch. Order the Redneck Taco...or The Big Momma Sampler.
— Tennessee Department of Tourism