The Tennessean Loves Martin's Nolensville

There's been plenty of attention paid to our big, shiny and new downtown Martin's location of late - especially since it's scheduled to open so soon! - but we still have a soft spot in our hearts for each and every one of our Martin's BBQ joints, regardless of their size or luster. Those places are our foundations!

It was 2006 when our original Nolensville location opened its doors, and Nashvillians and Nolensvillians alike drove far and short to enjoy the smoky Southern flavors of Martin's BBQ. While today Nashvillians have the option to head on over to Belmont or Mt. Juliet, depending on which is closer, we feel pretty proud that the Nolensville location is still kickin' smoked butts and takin' names. The Tennessean recently came on out for a taste, and we were thrilled to find that 10 years later, they still love the original flavors of Martin's Bar-B-Que. 

While barbecue is obviously the star of the show, Martin’s offers a well-rounded menu for those who manage to resist the intoxicating smell of hickory-smoked meats roasting away right inside the restaurant for all to admire.
— The Tennessean