Martin's Sweet Dixie In 2016 Southern Living Food Awards

When it comes to good, Southern flavors, the folks at Southern Living have been around the block a time or two. Whether it's a recipe, a restaurant or anything in between, Southern Living has a lot of respect when it comes to truly delicious Southern food - which is why we're beside ourselves to even be considered - much less included - in their 2016 Food Awards. 

Throughout the past year the editors at SL have combed the South with their teeth and tastebuds, sampling the full gamut of Southern, artisan-made products, and narrowing down the hundreds to select just a few of their favorites.

We're honored to say that Martin's Sweet Dixie Bar-B-Que Sauce was named in the category of "Spreads, Dips, and Condiments!" As the one and only BBQ sauce to make it into the category - a category that only had 10 items total! - we feel especially grateful that our tangy-sweet concoction made the list.

Sweet Dixie Bar-B-Que Sauce
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Not too thick, not too thin, and just the right balance of tart vinegar to sweet brown sugar.
— Southern Living