Martin's Included Among "Ultimate" Nashville Spots

Over the past ten years or so, we Nashvillians have become quite accustomed to reading articles that claim to have the round up of our city's "Top 10 Best Bars" or "Top 25 Best Eats" or heck, even "Top 50 Best Restaurants" in Nashville (shoot, wouldn't the Top 50 be pretty much all of the restaurants in Nashville?).

But instead of blending into a sea of many "bests," Food Republic instead made one minor tweak to set themselves apart: they changed their roundup from just the "best in Nashville" to the "ultimate guide to Nashville." 

According to a quick search on the ol' Google Machine, "Ultimate" is defined as, "the best achievable or imaginable of its kind." So to find out that Martin's made Food Republic's list of The [Best Achievable or Imaginable] List to Where You Should Eat and Drink in Nashville was a pretty big daggum deal. Ranked amongst both the finest restaurants and some of Nashville's greasiest spoons, we sure feel proud to be included.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, Nashville is not exactly swimming in quality barbecue (this is not Memphis, y’all). Still, pitmaster Pat Martin has developed a well-deserved cult following, due to his whole-hog prowess (technically, West Tennessee–style whole-hog cookery).
— Food Republic

Since Food Republic's list is the best imaginable for eats and drinks in Music City, we think you should go have yourself a read and brush up on all the spots they've mentioned. 

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