Eater's Documentary Series "How We Eat" Investigates Martin's Bar-B-Que

Over the past 10 years of smokin' hogs we've found that both long-time loyal Nashvillians and novice out-of-towners alike love coming to Martin's to get a taste of that infamous whole hog bar-b-que.

But what a lot of people don't know about the craft to which we at Martin's have dedicated so much time -- some of us have even dedicated our entire lives to this stuff! -- is the specificity of what makes West Tennessee style whole hog BBQ what it is. There's tradition, reasoning, intention and even science behind everything that we do at Martin's when it comes to our smoked hogs.

There are few things more often underestimated than a crazy-smart country boy. And that’s what Pat Martin is to me.
— Chris Chamberlain, Nashville food writer and author of The Southern Foodie

And while few out there surely do know the difference between say, North Carolina-style and Tennessee-style whole hog bar-b-que, we'd wager to bet that the number is few and far between.

Fortunately for y'all, Eater was curious and gracious enough to do some investigating and figure it out. And what's better, as a part of their new "How We Eat" YouTube channel and video series, they produced this fantastic video that explains the long and short of it. 

Thanks so much to Eater for spreading the gospel of West Tennessee style whole hog bar-b-que and for spending so much time with us!

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