Jim Myers puts Martin's in his Top 10!

It seems like every single day that someone's coming out with a new list of "Nashville's Best Restaurants." From national sites that specialize in roundups like Buzzfeed, to local publications like the Nashville Lifestyles, everybody's eager to prove their Nashville foodie know-how. But when a Nashville-native-turned-local-food writer creates a list, and when the list is sprinkled with some real down-home spots, and when the list also names some of Nashville's obvious greats, readers tend to take notice. And so do we!

Which is why we were particularly humbled to be included in Jim Myers' (The Tennesseean) roundup of "Top 25 Restaurants in Nashville." Heck, so bold he was in creating this list, he included Strategic Hospitality's latest project Bastion which, at the time of publication, had only been open for dinner just shy of one month! This guy's got a firm opinion on eating, and he ain't afraid to share it. 

Recent James Beard-Winner Tandy Wilson of course made the list (we love City House, too!), and Prince's Hot Chicken was a no-brainer, but lesser-known oaxacan joint La Juquilita and Antioch's own Kings Market Cafe added a bit of realness to what could have otherwise been a repeat publication.

With so many other incredible barbecue joints in this town, it blew our hair back that Myers would single out Martin's Bar-B-Que as one of Nashville's best, down-home, real-good joints. We'll wear this badge with pride for a long time to come. Thank you, Jim!

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