Charred Collard Greens and Alabama White Sauce

Charred Collard Greens Recipe

Here in the South, most folks think of collard greens as something for New Year’s Day when you cook up a “mess o’ greens” and have them with black-eyed peas. Unlike the traditional slow-cooked collard greens, this simple recipe takes simple grill-charred leaves and gives a light coating of Alabama White BBQ Sauce.

Leaving the stems attached to the greens while grilling makes the grilling process easier, but just remove them before serving. And if you don’t have collards, this recipe would also work just fine with fresh kale leaves.


3 bunches collard greens, washed well and patted dry (about 20-25 large leaves)
¼ cup olive oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
½ cup Martin’s Alabama White Sauce
salt and pepper to taste


Wash the collard greens and pat the leaves dry. Set aside.

Preheat your grill to high/medium-high. Mix the olive oil with the crushed garlic and rub on leaves of collard greens. Working in batches, place the leaves on the hot grill for 1-2 minutes before flipping over and cook for another couple minutes, or until they begin to char. As each leaf is cooked, remove it from the grill and set aside. Complete this process until all the leaves are cooked.

Remove the stems from the cooked leaves and cut or tear the leaves into large pieces and place into a large bowl. Season the charred greens with salt and pepper to taste, drizzle with the Alabama White Sauce, toss and serve.

Serves 6

Alabama White Bar-B-Que Sauce
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